What are “video applications”?

Mosami enables you to build interactive video applications and deploy them to your users. What do we mean by that? We mean live (real-time) video communications like in video chat, but instead of the webcam video feed being the whole experience, it’s just one element that can be modified and mashed together with other things right inside the video stream the user sees.

To illustrate that with a few examples:

Remote support – Let a support agent highlight and zoom in on things in the customer’s video to help fix a problem

Social gaming – See live video of the players (with background removed) mixed with game elements like the cards or board in a single integrated view

Livestreaming – Incorporate multiple video feeds (presenter, content, audience) in different layouts. Change layouts based on positions/actions detected inside the video stream

In each case, what makes these experiences unique is the way in which the video streams are opened up, analyzed, and mixed back together on-the-fly. That mix-and-match media processing is precisely what our API makes easy.

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