Welcome to Mosami

Welcome to the Mosami blog, where we’ll demo new features, walk through some code examples for using the system, and share other information to help you make exciting video applications leveraging the platform.

To start it off, a little background on what we do and why:  As you can see from our site, we’ve built technology for doing media processing in the cloud that we’re delivering via our API to help people create real-time, interactive video applications.  So why this?  Why now?

When we started looking at real-time video communications a few years ago, what we noticed was a shift underway.  The traditional problem of basic video communications – getting video from point A to point B – was being solved with the appearance of tons of video chat applications and  new tools for connecting real-time video directly to the browser.  

That shift is now opening up opportunities to not just transport the video, but to shape it in real time, the way that TV and movie producers and desktop video editing programs had done for offline video.  And create experiences where multiple users can come together and real interact with the video by automating those “manual” interactions through algorithms processing the video live.

As we tried to do that ourselves, we realized that chaining those algorithms together on the fly was hard work – getting the right software installed on the right machines, linking them to the video sources, etc – and probably out of reach of all but a few specialists.  At the same time, the handful of us can’t develop all the new applications waiting to be created.

So that’s where we are.  Focused on making it as easy as possible for people to connect their real–time video to sophisticated media processing, so all of you can create the next wave of interactive video applications.


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